The World Scar Saga, volume II

A young woman confronts her heritage and birthright, and is set on the path

she must follow through logical life, mystical death, and

the turbulent elemental worlds in between.


Research and Materials

Alchemy | Tarot | Mythology


Cyranei Templeton has always been a citizen of two worlds: she has grown up as a patient of the Sanatorium Caritatis as well as one of its dedicated staff, and the peculiar maladies that ail her also link her by heritage to another world that she has never seen.

Still, though she never knew her parents, she had the good fortune of being left in the care of Basil Vasiliadis, leader of the secret society of Rosicrucians and the man who protected Cyranei’s own mother for many years from the remnants of the Inquisition.

But when her mentor is dethroned by the aggression of another competing society, his criminal protection of her mother is exposed, and Cyranei’s life unravels as she is implicated on a level she cannot begin to understand. She must seek help and guidance from the last living friend and servant of her mother, a strange and detached woman who may have lost—and seen—too much to honor Cyranei’s devotion to her.

Cyranei must learn to control the abilities that attend her ailments as she takes up the mantle as well as the responsibility left to her by her parents, and begin the journey that will carry her through the familiar world of Life, the turbulent realms of the Elements, and into the mindless void of Death.


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