First Convention Appearance!

It’s been a hot minute since I blogged last, so I figured it was time to pop in and crow about a neat thing I’ll be doing this weekend.

A few months ago I signed up to sell my wares at an upcoming Houston fan convention, RevelCon, and was asked to suggest a panel by one of the coordinators. My first thought, since this fan con will be certain to have some fanfiction writers, was to have a panel on popular story structure, and then, after I’d spent some time scrounging around for courage, I finally decided to throw my hat in as a panelist and actually host the event myself! Time will tell if it was a wise decision to both vend and lecture, but for now, I’m just looking forward to it.

While I’ve attended conventions as a vendor and guest before, this is the first event I’ll be speaking at. I’ve been studying various story structures for a few years now, and have just about talked my friends’ and family’s ears clean off by gushing about it, so it seems only natural to branch out and harass a meeting room full of unsuspecting strangers in the same way.

Since it’s a fan-convention and all, I’ve been analyzing the structures of several fan-favorite series, movies, and novels to use in my presentation as examples. (I’m taking a break from constructing a PowerPoint to write this, as a matter of fact). It’s a fairly big task to jump into, but it’s been proper fun as well.

Perhaps I’ll post the finished presentation and an update after the weekend closes, just in case some of you followers are as hopeless a nerd as I am. ❤



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