A Tour of Duty in the Hallowed Bowels of the English Language

You heard me, precious readers.

Actually, you heard Tex Thompson, whose words I have stolen to get your attention about an upcoming six-week class that I’ll be taking starting October 19.

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 6.39.07 PM

If you’ve read my blog for very long, you’ll know that I don’t carelessly rep this kind of thing. But in this case, I had the good fortune of meeting Tex in person at a writer’s workshop in July, and was impressed by the tightrope she is able to walk in a number of areas:

She has a keen and skillful editing eye, and somehow manages not to impose her own very distinctive style and tone onto a manuscript not her own. If you’ve ever had your work criticized by someone who really just, I dunno, feels like this doesn’t really have as much action as they’d like, or it needs more nuance, maybe, and that maybe you should change this character/location/pairing/story arc/title because they specifically would like it better some other way, kinda like how they did it in their book, you’ll know how important this is.

She’s also good humored, and never leaves you with the impression that she’s nitpicking just to make you miserable. If you’ve ever (I’ll keep this one short) been in any writing group ever, you’ll know how important this is, as well.

But can she write, you ask?

To which I say: get outta here and go read her blog or her books. If you’ve got time to read this post, you’ve at least got time to read one of hers. Make time for two, actually: they’re funny.

For the full details, price, and class dates, see the full Perfecting Your Prose flyer here!


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