ArmadilloCon 2015

A quick update, since I’ve been out of the loop for a while.

For the last month, I’ve pretty much had my head down and out of the writing brain-space while getting ready to run a booth at ArmadilloCon in Austin, TX, and I’m happy to report it was a great success! (Someday I hope to learn to balance all my loves on a daily basis, but for now they must alternate by season…I’ll probably get back to writing obsessively around November, just in time for NaNoWriMo…xD)

The writers’ workshop went swimmingly, and although I didn’t really get to leave the dealer’s room after that point to go to any panels, I did manage to chat with lots of authors as they cruised through (some of whom I’d met at ApolloCon in Houston last month), and even sold some bits and bobs to a few.

And because I hate turning down a chance to pat myself on the back, here are a few  pictures of my booth! It didn’t have a solid theme, just a lot of jewelry and fun, whimsical stuff, with some fantasy-costume-style headwear that I’ve been working on lately, with a few supplementary sets of felted horns and ears from my friend and local artist Maya Milo.


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