Kickstarter Campaign Launched! (Holy crumbs.)

Super daunting, but super exciting!

Finally launched my Kickstarter campaign to fund the Storyteller and the Silent God! Right now, I have 29 days and $2,300 to go! Check out the details on the KS page, and you can read the first two chapters here.

For the curious: funds will go toward the cost of hiring an editor for content and proofing, completing the cover art, and professionally formatting/distributing the ebook. Stretch goal specifics will be decided soon, but I’m planning to expand the release to include paperback (and possibly hardback) books if the initial funding is exceeded by a good margin. But in general I’m trying not to put the cart first on that. Fingers crossed, though!

Check out the backer rewards on the campaign page – those will also be expanded if initial funding is exceeded, possibly to include a custom plushie modeled after one of the creatures in the story. (Really hoping for that!)

As always if you can pledge, that would be wonderful, but if you want to just help out by sharing this notice or the KS page, I would be much obliged! Thanks, all! ❤


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