Better Late?

I’m appalled at my lapse here, folks, but I just realized I never properly shared the final installment on that cover art from Anna Dittmann Illustration for the Storyteller and the Silent God. I shared it on my Facebook page, but that’s not the same as sharing it here (WordPress and the blog community is my main squeeze, while social media in general is really more of a necessary evil).

But enough with that. FEAST YOUR EYES.

Nell Final

Lookin’ pretty elegant, no? Those colors, amirite?

People keep asking if I designed Nell’s image after myself. While I guess I could take their confusion as a compliment, the answer is a resounding “Nah, man. Nah.” (It’s the glasses. I wear glasses. But not Windsors. I’m not classy enough for Windsors).

Anyway, I super-love how she turned out, and I also super-loved working with Anna on the design and color scheme. Obviously she does beautiful work, but she was also very easy to work with, incredibly professional, and punctual to boot. If you’re looking for striking cover art, fellow writers, you can’t go wrong.

Speaking of punctuality, I’ve been dealing with some health bizz recently that has taken front seat, but I’m soon to be back on the social media warpath with writing updates and essays as I get back in gear for that Kickstarter. Soon!


Tho thoon.


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