Work in Progress: ‘The Storyteller and the Silent God’

I’m excited to announce that a new work in progress is underway!

‘The Storyteller and the Silent God’ is a story I’ve been sitting on and incubating for about five years. It’s always been there, skulking around in the back of my mind and shaking its fist when I write anything else. And for its persistence and long-suffering, I’ve decided that it will be the first novel I self-publish.

A Kickstarter to fund editing and production costs will be launched in the next few weeks. Illustrator and graphic designer Anna Dittmann has been attached to supply the cover art, and Ingram Spark and Createspace will be used for distribution. I’m still researching freelance editors and firms, but will have that in line shortly as well. Even if pledging is not your bag, I can’t tell you what a help it would be if you reblogged, retweeted, shared, or otherwise helped me get the word out to anyone who might enjoy the project. Circulation is key and my arm is only so long.

The story is now fully plotted and well on its way to completion. It will be a one-shot/standalone novel, rather than a trilogy, and even as much my scumbag brain likes to succumb to scope creep, I’m happy to say that it’s staying that way!

Even from its inception, I have pictured this novel taking place between two locations: the East Texas piney woods–in an area like the one where I spent much of my childhood–and an empire based on ancient Mesoamerican myth and culture.

The story itself is meant to be a new angle on the classic Hero’s Cycle, and explores a largely untapped source of mystery and adventure beyond the familiar fantasy genre conventions. And since it focuses on subjects and locations close to my heart, I’ve never had more fun writing than I have over the course of this project. Can’t wait to share it. 🙂


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