NaNoWriMo Update

Confession time, y’all: I just started my NaNo-writing yesterday.

I can offer you any number of excuses as to why I’m getting started so late, but really it comes down to my reluctance to deliver a swift and much-needed headbutt to my story’s timeline of events. The good news is that I managed to start that process yesterday by finally outlining the prequel to my main story.

The full series follows two generations–the mother’s story takes place in the prequel, then her daughter’s story takes up the bulk of the series–making the need for continuity a priority. I’ve been sitting on a wide variety of options for the daughter’s portion for a while, but the story of how it all starts is pretty necessary to grasp the full scope of the series. I’ve also been putting off the mother’s side of events because it’s a much smaller piece of the puzzle and I didn’t want to succumb to scope creep, but I’m pleased to say I was able to outline the events as planned yesterday with minimal bloat.

Which of course means huzzahs are in order! And also an average of 4,000 words a day to reach 50k by the end of the month. >.>


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