What Makes A Story “Bad”?

Some interesting thoughts, because often it’s more helpful to learn what makes something crap rather than sift through more relative or nebulous ideas of what makes something good.

Thought Catalog

The Anthropic Principle in Storytelling and the Shattered Illusion

What Makes A Story "Bad"?Mo Riza

Do not even try to convince me I am alone in this one, for I have heard it too many times in much mixed company: you are watching a new movie, or perhaps an old favorite, or a television drama, or whathaveyou, and friends or acquaintances are gathered around; at just the moment that perhaps you think, “Oh my, this plotline is amazing!”, someone from the gallery pipes up, “Really? Everything in this story happens too perfectly, it is unbelievable.” Maybe you fume with anger; maybe you voice your own opinion and a debate ensues; maybe you engage in an internal struggle, embarrassed, asking yourself, “Is he right? Am I naive for loving this show?”; maybe you just keep your emotions on the downlow and try to forget this neophyte’s transgression, for he will learn in due time, and…

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