My Boldest NaNoWriMo Move to Date

I just cut over 8,000 words from my word count. Almost a third of my twenty days of labor is now phbbth.

That means I’m down to just over 20k and feeling the bitter sting of wasted words. I need a few of my fellow NaNo’s to share my pain for a minute, but I’m hoping the cut will be for the best.

The good news is that pruning out the nonsense has set me up with a clearer approach and that should ultimately make my progress run a little faster for the remainder of the month. It also doesn’t hurt that I have the next eight days off of work…

Crossing my fingers…



2 thoughts on “My Boldest NaNoWriMo Move to Date

    • Proseia says:

      I certainly hope so. I have my tea lined up, my cat is in prime snuggling condition, and I have plenty of notes and outlines, so there’s no good reason not to just get it done. xD Thanks!

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