How I Finished a Summary and Only Had to Forget the Internet for Four Days to Do It

Lorde’s new album had something to do with it, too. 

I bought a notebook on the 3rd that I’m not even ashamed to call sexy.

Copper spiral top, ivory-tone paper, page fronts lined and backs in graph. Just the right weight, not too glossy to take ink, not so textured that it drinks it up. I don’t usually do trust falls, but someone will need to catch me if I swoon.

I have far too many notebooks already, some of which I’ve been carrying around through college and moves and breakups. I relented on the terms that if I bought this one, I’d use it for one subject, without being messy or wasteful or skipping pages. No grocery lists or budgeting, no notes to self. So I started a summary of the first installment of the AotA Saga, tentatively titled The Argent Avis.

I wrote my favorite pen dry across 20 pages after the first day. I took that as a good sign, and since there was no way I was going to change pen-types mid-writing-frenzy (so tacky), I went back to the grocery and grabbed some more of my favorite extra fine Pilot Precise V5s. My grandmother used blue V5s to pay bills each week back in the day–ever since I’ve associated them with mad productivity.

Since I wasn’t quite a fourth of the way through the story’s first arc at almost a third of the way through the notebook, I went looking for more of the same model.

When I found that the office supply aisles had been rearranged, I panicked. I worked crappy customer service long enough to know that a rearrange means a stock change. After wandering around the office area for about five minutes, likely looking as forlorn and mindless as a sheep separated from the flock, I still hadn’t spied more of my lusty, ivory-toned quarry. I was ready to track down the ordering manager and start calling his momma rude names.

Before I could give into that temptation, luckily, I struck gold and found a healthy stock of the exact same design. I gathered up an armful and walked through the store with easily the smuggest face I’ve worn in public since I started holding hands with cute boys in front of girls prettier than me.

I’ve been getting up three hours before work all week to write in the mornings, I write on my lunch break, and I’ve written til close to midnight each night. On the fifth I had the day off–I wrote til my right hand swelled up and shook. Then I laughed because my fingers are short and smooshy at the best of times, and swollen they looked just ridiculous. The writer’s callous on my middle finger was crushed to concave by my over-enthusiastic grip on the pen.

Ah, yes. You can admire my battle scars, it’s okay to be impressed.

Hamming aside, I’m pretty excited about getting a solid summary and pinpoint outline down on paper in entirety. All the elements are there, the characters are placed and I finally got the events I wanted to include to happen for a reason.

I’ve been avoiding my computer like the keyboard has a catching rash for the past week–partially because my job now requires eight-hour days of intense staring at a screen and partially because I’m tired of hearing about the government shut down–but I figured I could at least pop in and gloat a little. 🙂


End Part I


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