Yo, Y’all Fools Wanna Interview? (A Follow Up)

So if I were to do an ongoing series of interviews here on my blog, might any of you fancy folk be interested in submitting as my literary mine shaft canaries? (Not that you’ll be gassed–I just like canaries…)

There was such a response on the forum I linked the other day that I’d like to follow up on an idea I’ve had for a while and do something similar on my blog here. I know plenty of authors who need an extra outlet for their work, and sometimes book reviews just don’t go the extra mile.

So if you have published a sci fi or fantasy story (short story, novella, novel, webcomic, graphic novel, etc) or have simply posted it for general reading somewhere online where peeps can access it, let me know if you want an interview! Also, if you know someone interested in interviewing, help me get the word out. And you/your referral don’t have to be a blogger to participate. I have a handful of folks lined up already, so they’ll be popping up here soon.

All I ask is that you have a polished piece of sci fi or fantasy work to share with me. I’ll read your book or short story, write up questions relevant to the work, and then we’ll get in touch by phone, Skype, or email to hash it out.

Shoot me an email at proseia.inks@gmail.com to sign up. 🙂


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