Milestone: Starting the Outline

With color-coding!

With color-coding!

These are my major characters so far for the AotA Saga. Just drew up a template for a timeline/outline, and I’m all a-twitter to get started. Not super sophisticated, but since neither am I, I thought I’d celebrate with a picture before my page gets all marked up and covered with eraser bits.


5 thoughts on “Milestone: Starting the Outline

  1. Laura Weymouth says:

    How exciting! I’m midway through the first book in a planned trilogy and finally did up a rough outline for it the other day. I was just getting bogged down…normally I’m a pantser but while I find that works well for short stories, novels require a tad more organization.

    Looks good! Have you considered doing a longer post specifically detailing your outlining process? I love hearing how other writers approach the craft!

    • Proseia says:

      Hmmmm…Truth be told, I’m rather new to it as well–I was all about pantsing it until fairly recently when I realized I couldn’t keep every turn of events in my head and have them stay in order. xD

      But perhaps I can do something a little more in depth and at least share the resources I’m learning with. I have found some good stuff. I’ll start cooking up a post, then!

  2. notentirelyhuman says:

    Well I may not be a writer, but I love the hell out of lists and I’m only a few miles from you. ^_^ If we need to drink many pots of tea while I help you organize spreadsheets, so be it!

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