Robin McKinley’s New Thing

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned yet on this blog what a fan of Robin McKinley I am. Not only are her stories really excellent, her writing is tightly wound and just humorous enough without pulling you out of the story to appreciate it. She also has a very distinctive voice, for all that it is very quiet.

I mention this because I was putzing around on Goodreads today and saw that McKinley is working on a blog-serial, making posts pretty regularly it seems on her home site. I started reading and was immediately hooked by the premise of the first chapter–the main character is part-way through writing a book when she gets the news from her husband that he’ll be leaving her for someone more like-minded.

Having been in a very similar situation myself (I had just gotten into the good stuff with Unfit when I found out my then-husband had been on the proverbial prowl for a few months), the character’s reaction gave me a good, loud laugh and a chance to nod along.

Just wanted to share the link around for those times when you’re stuck at the mechanic without a book (or whathaveyou) and find yourself in dire need of something to read. Of course, you can also read it at other times, too.


The Blue Sword is crazy-good, too

The Blue Sword is crazy-good, too


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