“Ordinary Magic” : A Short Story by Laura Weymouth

Hello readers, you handsome, precious lot, you.

I’m very happy to announce my first guest in the Lending Library, Laura Weymouth

I came across Laura’s short story, Ordinary Magic, on the Curiosity Quills publishing site a few days ago, and was completely smitten with it. She very graciously responded to my request to add her work to the library, and has written the introduction below to accompany it.

Ordinary Magic was written out of a desire to explore what happens to unremarkable people during remarkable times. The fantasy genre almost exclusively focuses on epic events and people of historic significance, and I find myself wondering what happens to the common folk during those times of crisis. This story details how one unextraordinary person responds to extraordinary circumstances, and is part of a larger web of short stories I’m currently at work on which explore the same theme.

I hope you enjoy reading Ordinary Magic as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you’d like to read more of my stories, simply visit the “Fiction Work” section of my blog.

Happy reading, and thanks again, Laura! 🙂


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