First Excerpt Posted!

The Guard (working title) will be the prequel to the Alchemist of the Arch Saga, and follows Hazel Templeton through the events that lead up to AotA.

This story was originally meant to be a romance, but filled out before I could even get out of the planning stage. Some folks think the most romantic romances are the ones that end in or involve a surprise pregnancy, well…my flirting with the plot I had hoped to keep simple bore unexpected fruit in the form of a two-generation saga through multiple worlds requiring lots of research into the arcane arts…

I’ve not had kids yet, but if the above doesn’t describe at least a portion of the experience, I’m going to be sorely disappointed.

Anyhow, the story still involves a romance since the events lead to the birth of the main character for AotA, but that is no longer the crux of the story line. Someday I’ll write a romance, perhaps, without having it suddenly swell into a burgeoning motherload of  tragedy and intrigue and betrayals, but obviously, this is not that day.

Puzzlewood, Forest of Dean


2 thoughts on “First Excerpt Posted!

  1. Laura Weymouth says:

    I have a kid, and yes, it is like entering another world. And learning to interpret for a small, non-verbal being definitely qualifies as an arcane art.

  2. Proseia says:

    I grew up around tons of wee ones but never got the hang of interpreting baby-calls the way older siblings and parents could. Eventually decided that “baaaaah” means cranky and tired, “waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” means hungry, “eeeeeeeehhhh” means despoiled of favorite toy by another child, etc. I always envied that brainwave that moms and babies share. Someday, though! 🙂

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