I Roam Around, Around, Around, Around

(This post originally appeared on my secondary blog, Alchemist of the Arch, on August 5, 2013. I’m now merging that blog with this one for more consistent upkeep.)

I hit a block with Alchemist of the Arch a few weeks back when daily life got a little crazy, so I put it in the fridge to marinate and worked on another project for a while. Now I’ve gotten to a stopping point with that one, and now it’s that story’s turn for the shelf, and I’m back to working on AotA. It’s a good feeling.

I had missed Alchemist of the Arch while I was dealing with daily concerns, but I didn’t want to mess with it while my attention wasn’t really in one place. Now I’ve got a couple weeks til the new job starts, my cat is out of the woods health-wise (that was particularly stressful), all the myriad little pains in the buttocks are either squared or in maintenance-mode.

So now I’m outlining and setting up scenes once again, prepping for National Novel Writing Month in November. There’s a good chance that the prep will keep me busy right up until the start of the month, at which point, I’ll start writing the story in earnest. Very excited about this.

I’ve never quite hit the 50k wordcount for NaNoWriMo, and I’m not sure that I will this year, but something about the definite goal and the competitive aspect always gives me a good creative boost. If you’ve never tried NaNo, fie, for shame! Hie thee to the site and sign up.

As my first priority been world-building and researching for so long, I’ll admit to being a bit out of practice with just cranking out the writing portion. Since that’s the case, I plan to start limbering up the typin’ muscles with short stories and then the prequel story to Cyranei’s adventures in AotA, which will follow her mother, Hazel. I may even post those bits on the blog. Then, by the time I’m good and limber, NaNo will be upon us!



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