Brandon Sanderson Writing Course 2013–Starting June 3rd

I’ve just found this, and I’m so excited about its timeliness that I’ve succumbed to a serious case of the wiggles.

In my post yesterday, I mentioned that I’m starting the outline of an all new story but haven’t started writing just yet. Why am I recapping? Turns out Brandon Sanderson, author of the Mistborn Series and the last three volumes of the Wheel of Time, is teaching a summer course this year! The idea is to bring in a new idea to work on, so I know what project I’ll be using. Apparently he’s done this for several years, but as this is the first I’ve heard of it, I’m pretty enthused. For those of us who don’t live close enough to sit in, the author at the blog Write About Dragons is going to be hosting videofeed classes. Sanderson’s classes will begin June 3rd, but the feed course will begin July 1.

It’s a bit of a bummer to wait, but it still feels like NaNoWriMo and Thanksgiving and Christmas have come early! Feast your eyes!

In the meantime, you can sate your educational appetite by visiting the archives of Write About Dragons–last year’s lectures are available to watch there. As I need all the practice I can get, I’ll probably haunt the site regularly til I can get my grubby mitts on the new material.


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