The Achilles Heel of Productivity

Woe is me, folks.

I’ve once again fallen prey to the come-hither hip-waggle of a new project.

Sometimes I get a little addicted to the allure (and sometimes the illusion) of productivity, and its siren song leads me astray to what appear to be the greener pastures of a shiny new story.

Ya know, the sirens apparently lost a music contest to the Muses and drowned themselves after. I guess taking their advice doesn't bode so well...

“Shhhh, handsome. This one writes itself.”

Authors reading will know what I’m talking about here: a newborn world will write itself, pouring out of a pen, sidling into your dreams, and guiding your fingers across the keys like a Ouija board. After months of either working on another more reluctant story or not working at all, the feeling of finally creating again is unbeatable.

Sure, these can be helpful little affairs for clearing out writer’s block and eventually rekindling your love for the older, stiffer joints of the project you shouldΒ be working on, but they also can become an all new monster that will, if you follow through on it, someday reach the same point of stagnation that all stories eventually do. It will require a long, hard slog through murky self-doubt and lots of self-threatening to make you sit down and continue chipping away at it.

But at the risk of being willingly lured, for the moment I’m riding it out. In the short time I’ve been working on the story’s current form, it has already grown to the monster stage: I’m anticipating three books and a prequel, at the moment. This may become more concise and be trimmed down to one or two books, plus the prequel, but since the research I’ve been doing is so engaging, I’ve passed the point at which I could have put it down and focused on something older and more in need of my attention.

I won’t go into much detail yet since the story is still in development, but it’s heavy on alchemical theory and mythology from all over the world. (Eat it, everyone who told me I’d regret majoring in dead languages and mythology…)

Keep an eye out for the official launch of the blog I’m building for the series–I’m working with an Austin artist to design illustrations, so we should be posting pretty pictures and maybe a few cartoons in the near future and over the coming months as progress is made. πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “The Achilles Heel of Productivity

  1. Sophie E Tallis says:

    Lol, oh honey I know exactly what you mean! The number of story ideas and short stories I’ve written when I should be finishing a longer novel project, is just amazing. That allure is always there, isn’t it? πŸ˜€

  2. Piscis says:

    Dead languages and mythology, huh? I love it!

    And, ah, the allure of exciting new projects…equal parts useful and dangerous. (>^-‘)>

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