New Tools for Self Publishing!

It’s always refreshing to see more love for aspiring self-publishers.

Barnes & Noble (my dad had me convinced as a kid that it was actually pronounced “Narnes & Boble”) just launched a lovely platform for writing, editing, and publishing your manuscript to the Nook Boostore.

It was previously called PubIt! but now they’ve changed up the interface a bit and the project is going by Nook Press. And don’t despair–I went through the legalese before signing up to make sure that the author (called the publisher in the Terms and Conditions) retains allllllll the legal rights to their intellectual property and the rights to distribute the book.

There were some really shady dealings I read about a few years ago when self-publishing became a buzz–house publishers were starting to take on new writers, but buried in their contracts was language reserving the rights to distribute and permanently claim the work as the house’s in the event that the writer began to look elsewhere for sweeter deals. I was relieved to see that there appears to be no such language in Nook Press.

So give it a shot! The interface is gorgeous and simple–it looks as you’re writing more or less how you can expect it to look upon publishing. That visualization hits home with me pretty hard–I imagine it will for others. 🙂

Dat interface.


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