Job Seekers, Behold!

Your attention please, buddies.

Found this gem while researching a good CV/resume format, as I am once again on the warpath for a new job. I’m looking for secretarial/administrative assistant work, as I think I would find the organization and responsibilities very comforting…ideally such a job will offer me a graceful entrance into editing, publishing, or communications work. And I’m hoping to land the job with the newly revamped CV that I’m basing on the formats found here. Super helpful.


Pretty swanky, no?

Additionally, I’m enlisting the help of my blog-wench, NotEntirelyHuman, to help me class it up with a subtly opaque graphic or two. Nothing flashy, but something to make it stand out without resorting to glitter in the envelope or something equally obnoxious. Wish me luck! ❤


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