A Memorial To My Dear Kindred Spirit

A beautiful remembrance of someone I knew, looked up to, and wished to be more like. She was beautiful, a scholar, and one of the most relentlessly generous souls I’ve ever met. When I met her, I remember thinking that I had never seen someone whose eyes looked so alive, inquisitive, and accepting. She deserved a long life filled with books, beauty, and love. This is a tragedy that should never have happened, and I can only hope that those responsible are brought to justice.

Rest in peace, B. I’m glad to have known you.

Identity Renewed

Today at 1:00pm was the funeral of my dear kindred spirit. Her family asked me to speak at the funeral about her. I was so honored they asked, and although it was really hard, I did it. But this is what I said (it’s slightly edited for a little more clarity). I’m sharing it with you because she was a person who greatly impacted people (and because I know people read this blog who knew her). The circumstances were tragic, but her life was worthy of celebration. This is my moment of thanksgiving in this hard time.

A Memorial To My Dear Kindred Spirit

Rebecca* was—and still is—scintillating.
(A large word, a word only for her, since she enjoyed the English language so much.)
She radiated the fullness of life and love.
Her ocean blue eyes shone with wit and intelligence.
She communicated with concise beauty

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