Round Top and the Return of The Brass Warbler

Despite the almost vengeful tone to the title, today was rather pleasant.

My sis and I mozeyed back over to the Round Top road show this morning to visit my mom and get in a last look at the wares for the season. I got a fair variety of funky jazz for use in my store and actually made a little money, too: Sis managed to lay the groundwork for a new site development contract (the majority of which would likely fall to me for the social marketing and post-build site management, so that’s good news) and I collected some small monies from my mom since she had sold some of my jewelry from my shop, The Brass Warbler. Little disappointing, though, because I also found out that another piece of jewelry, a set of earrings that cost me a fair headache to make, had fallen prey to petty thievery. Since I haven’t made many earrings, I was able to narrow down my inventory to the point that I’m fairly sure it was this pair below that went missing.

The Lady Locket's Gears

'Dem Gears...

Stolen wares are bound to happen at some point, but seriously. If I see a girl wearing these, she’s getting a wicked noogie. Those gears o

n the locket at the bottom were a bonafide pain in the buttocks to get on there.

Anyway, other than that nonsense, it was a good day.

I also got a handful of pictures on the way back, like I promised in my first Round Top post. And, as you’ll no doubt see, that’s literally on the way back: we were in a bit of a hurry, so I wound up taking pictures out the open window as we drove, cackling like a fool the whole time. Sadly a fair few of the wildflowers were gone thanks to the increasing heat, but it’s still gorgeous out there. Really good to see the area recouping after the persistent drought and widespread wildfires last year.


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