A Big Moment: Pictures from Greece

My friends!

I’m feeling the need to celebrate a small victory. After three long years, I have finally scanned in the pitifully low number of surviving film photos I took while studying abroad in Greece. Sadly at least one roll was lost to accidental exposure (and not the sexy kind) and I may or may not have lost another somewhere along the way.

I was there for 6 months or so at the beginning of 2009, did a fair bit of traveling for class, took so many trips to the Acropolis that I lost count (no really, two of my classes went there for every class period for several weeks straight…not that I’m complaining), but sadly I don’t have much to show for it. My own memory of my time in Athens is somewhat shot due to a number of stressors that kept me bogged down while I was there: serious boyfriend back in the States, money issues, family issues, and then the fact that although I had chosen to study in Greece to pursue my major (Ancient Greek, Latin, and archaeology), I was in the underwhelming minority of the students in the program. Not only I was the only student from Texas (and even the south – I got a lot of looks and sly questions about how many people down here have horses, really), most of the students were business or communications majors (no offense, comm majors) from very wealthy families that had heard Greece had a good party scene – they freely admitted that they had signed up to take crap courses while enjoying the 18 year old drinking age to the fullest. Not great for morale when you’re babysitting for 7 euro an hour between translating Homer and sketching eight centuries’ worth of maps of the Agora to prepare for the next archaeology test.

All that to say, while I loved the beejeezus out of Greece itself (the people, the languages, the land, the food, the culture, everything), the situation was such that I spent most of my time there a mess as I tried to study and make enough money to cover two lives’ worth of living expenses: my life back in Austin had not really given me the break I had been counting on when I signed up for the program. That didn’t keep me from publicly sobbing five months later on the bus to the departure gate, though – despite everything, I didn’t want to leave.

I’ve moved several times in the past couple of years, and my sad few pictures that I have to remind me of the good things have been packed away that whole time. But tonight I managed to unpack them and my scanner, and between bites of homemade curry (my own recipe ~.~), I have finally immortalized them on my titanic iMac. Now to keep it from sinking.

I’ve made peace with the fact that these are probably the best pictures I’ll ever take, and that that was probably thanks to the amazing and ever-so-heavy film camera I used throughout the trip. Here are a few highlights. ❤


2 thoughts on “A Big Moment: Pictures from Greece

  1. Ryan Holmes says:

    Very cool. I spent only a weekend in Greece and that in Rhodes, but, of all the countries on the Mediterranean I stepped foot on, Greece was by far the best! Thanks for sharing the photos.

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