Fairytale Art Gallery, pt. 1

A few days ago, I stumbled across a handful of very whimsical, fairytale-type illustrations while on Pinterest. This stumbling led to slightly more sure-footed research, and then on to a full-blown leap for joy when I realized I had lit upon the identities of several of my favorite childhood artists whose names I had never learned. I remembered the images, but not the names, if ever I knew them–but no longer!

I’d like to introduce Edmund Dulac, Warwick Goble, and Kay Neilsen. They are all distinct in style, but they are still very much birds of an artistic feather: I think I’ll do a short study and gallery on each over the next few days. [Edit: I was also reminded of Arthur Rackham by Ms. Sophie Tallis and of later J.R.R Tolkien as brilliant illustrators…perhaps I should add them to the list?]

Til then, here’s a random assortment of some of my favorites from Edmund Dulac to start.


6 thoughts on “Fairytale Art Gallery, pt. 1

    • Proseia says:

      I know what you mean–and honestly, with some of these fairytales I *prefer* the Disney version. Hans Christian Anderson and the Grimm Brothers weren’t always keen on happy endings…

  1. Sophie E Tallis says:

    I ADORE Edmund Dulac! His illustrations have a magical quality to them that transcends even the fairytales that he depicts. I was very lucky to be given ‘A Thousand and One Nights’ with original Dulac illustrations…just so beautiful!

    Another fantastic illustrator similiar to Dulac, is Arthur Rackham, he manages to capture that same wondrous quality in his work. 😀

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