Inspirant of the Day: Pinterest

Just started my first Pinterest account today! It’s invitation-only, so of course I desperately wanted in. I’m not much of a party-crasher, but I’ll do my best to make my friend Maya regret extending the invite. Ten bucks says all I manage to do is spike the punch.

Must say I’m pretty pleased with it–easy to use, nice interface, and of course, classy as all hell. Right now, I’m setting up boards as an attempt to organize all the myriad of images I keep in mind when trying to design art, architecture, clothes, and whathaveyou for my stories. Art Nouveau is a big influence for my novel Unfit, so I think I’ll start there and work my way up to old flames like archaeology, script images, and world sites that inspire me.

I’ve got a really terrible sense of visuals–I’ve been told, and I agreed, that my characters tend to exist in a vacuum–so I’m hoping that keeping all these images up close and personal will help me get a handle on my descriptions.

For now, an unrelated pin up girl. Which is the best kind of pin up girl.


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