Inspirant of the Day: Craft

I headed over to the famous Round Top antique/craft/vintage/random amazing stuff road show yesterday to take in the sights. There were a lot of them, including the amazing scenery that’s sprung up all along the roads out there since we got some much-needed rain. The wildflowers are insane! Everything is green and hilly and leafed-out, and this weekend I’m headed back up with a camera in hand (those flowers won’t escape me for long…) to better chronicle the goings-on of the area and hassle the customers visiting my mom’s booth; I also plan to add some of my own merchandise to the offerings. Additionally, since I have what is easily the world’s worst sense of direction (especially when confronted from all sides with shiny objects, tasty food and good music) I’ll be putting this map to use to navigate and hopefully not spend the whole day asking for directions back to my car.

Until then, I’ll be prepping my bits for the trip and pretending that I’m just much too busy and absorbed with jewelry-making to bother with writing. Much, much too busy. This is an effective technique for getting the inspiration flowing because a story, much like a jealous boyfriend, will stop playing aloof the minute you become interested in something else and will likely come grovel for attention in short order. The trick is knowing when to give in, put the crafty stuff down, and go back to your computer to stroke your muse’s ego (and, if you have a jealous boyfriend, when to put both the writing and the crafting down and go stroke his ego).

Let the preparation commence!


3 thoughts on “Inspirant of the Day: Craft

  1. Jess Espinoza says:

    The crafts fair sounds awesome. And it’s so true about the writing inspirations. It’s when I’m absorbed in a million unrelated things that the ideas arrive.

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