Inspirant of the Day: Tea

Some things are cliché for a reason: writers, artists and scholars drinking tea is no exception. I love tea. Not all tea, mind you, and I may not always have the most sophisticated taste, but there are a handful that put me in just the right brainspace for writing. Sometimes it’s in the preparation–boiling the water, filling the bag, filling the teapot, waiting for the steep–at other times it’s about the energy boost (I’ll admit to a few caffeine-fueled, all night writing rampages), and of course, other times it’s in the taste itself. A warm, tasty beverage soothes the nerves even while the caffeine bumps the brain into gear.

I’m making tea now, actually, and gearing up to put a few more words into The Wellspring. The tea of choice for today, as with most days, is my personal favorite from Tea Embassy, the “Versailles Blend.” It’s so delicious it almost makes me want to spell “favorite” as “favourite.”

And this just in! As I was searching one of my favorite artists’ (Ursulav) gallery for some of her adorable tea-related images to post here, I found out that she’s actually created her own blends of tea and is selling them on her online shop! I’d like to take a moment to plug for this lovely lady, as I’ve had a total brain-crush on her for years now. I’m such a bum: I always thought her tea-labels were just an addition to the gallery, but nope, they are used in the actual tea packaging. Check out her gallery here, and her tea-shop (currently under construction) here.

A Wizard of Tea


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