Word Count: Unfit

Read the current draft of Unfit here.

I’ve been working on Unfit for, oh, about five years now, I suppose. It’s difficult to say, really–the current incarnation is almost nothing like the original draft, so I hesitate to even call it the same story–only a few characters have survived all the plot revamps. I only started writing it around this time or later last year, and only made progress on it around the time NaNoWriMo rolled around.

Yep, 4o thousand words in a month. I did it, but it’s nowhere near complete–I’m estimating it will be around 80k when all is said and done. For now, my official word count is sitting at 40,710. I’m fighting the urge to despair at the moment: I still have so much work to do on the 40k I have that I’m somewhat paralyzed on how to continue. But we shall see: perhaps working on another of my stories will loosen the literary lock-jaw, as it were.

For now, here’s a lovely piece by Erte, who I’m drawing on heavily for the styles and fashions in Unfit. He uses birds fairly often, which is helpful as well since birds play a large part in the story…Oh, I love him so.



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