First Convention Appearance!

It’s been a hot minute since I blogged last, so I figured it was time to pop in and crow about a neat thing I’ll be doing this weekend.

A few months ago I signed up to sell my wares at an upcoming Houston fan convention, RevelCon, and was asked to suggest a panel by one of the coordinators. My first thought, since this fan con will be certain to have some fanfiction writers, was to have a panel on popular story structure, and then, after I’d spent some time scrounging around for courage, I finally decided to throw my hat in as a panelist and actually host the event myself! Time will tell if it was a wise decision to both vend and lecture, but for now, I’m just looking forward to it.

While I’ve attended conventions as a vendor and guest before, this is the first event I’ll be speaking at. I’ve been studying various story structures for a few years now, and have just about talked my friends’ and family’s ears clean off by gushing about it, so it seems only natural to branch out and harass a meeting room full of unsuspecting strangers in the same way.

Since it’s a fan-convention and all, I’ve been analyzing the structures of several fan-favorite series, movies, and novels to use in my presentation as examples. (I’m taking a break from constructing a PowerPoint to write this, as a matter of fact). It’s a fairly big task to jump into, but it’s been proper fun as well.

Perhaps I’ll post the finished presentation and an update after the weekend closes, just in case some of you followers are as hopeless a nerd as I am. ❤


The NaNo of WriMos Approacheth!

Who’s doing NaNoWrimo this month with me?! Get those hands up, y’all.

I could use some moral support, if I’m honest–since finishing my first major project a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been in a state of paralysis writing-wise. I have plenty of other projects to work on, but so far I haven’t been able to fully settle on one. The next book in the series I’ve started seems the obvious choice, and I’ve done some work on it already, but I’m hesitant to jump too deep into the second until I can get a good idea of what needs fixing in the first.

My completed novel jumps between several points of view pretty constantly, and now I find myself wanting to write a single, very close third voice story. Limited third has its own set of challenges, but jumping back and forth between POVs was so exhausting that now I can’t stomach the thought of cranking out another 50k-plus words in multiple perspectives. At least not right away, and not over the course of 30 days.

That leaves me with a couple options…that gaudy slice-of-life romance I’ll never admit to writing, the audacious Citizen-Kane-esque passion project I haven’t even begun to properly research, or re-vamping something so old and poorly-structured that I’ve long since given it up for dead.

If I wanted to procrastinate the next two days away, which I certainly feel no small desire to do, I suppose I could head over to the NaNo forums and put it to a vote…

A Tour of Duty in the Hallowed Bowels of the English Language

You heard me, precious readers.

Actually, you heard Tex Thompson, whose words I have stolen to get your attention about an upcoming six-week class that I’ll be taking starting October 19.

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 6.39.07 PM

If you’ve read my blog for very long, you’ll know that I don’t carelessly rep this kind of thing. But in this case, I had the good fortune of meeting Tex in person at a writer’s workshop in July, and was impressed by the tightrope she is able to walk in a number of areas:

She has a keen and skillful editing eye, and somehow manages not to impose her own very distinctive style and tone onto a manuscript not her own. If you’ve ever had your work criticized by someone who really just, I dunno, feels like this doesn’t really have as much action as they’d like, or it needs more nuance, maybe, and that maybe you should change this character/location/pairing/story arc/title because they specifically would like it better some other way, kinda like how they did it in their book, you’ll know how important this is.

She’s also good humored, and never leaves you with the impression that she’s nitpicking just to make you miserable. If you’ve ever (I’ll keep this one short) been in any writing group ever, you’ll know how important this is, as well.

But can she write, you ask?

To which I say: get outta here and go read her blog or her books. If you’ve got time to read this post, you’ve at least got time to read one of hers. Make time for two, actually: they’re funny.

For the full details, price, and class dates, see the full Perfecting Your Prose flyer here!



I finished a whole novel!

And not only that: I ACTUALLY LOVE IT.

Honestly, I was worried that by the time I finished this story, I would hate it. While I’m okay with the fact that it will never be perfect, it’s turned out a lot better–and thank Glob, less wooden–than I thought it would.

I’m planning to edit it up, grab some beta readers, get some feedback, act on said feedback, and then start submitting it around.

Lemme know if you want to read it!

“You get an ebook! YOU get an ebook!”

ArmadilloCon 2015

A quick update, since I’ve been out of the loop for a while.

For the last month, I’ve pretty much had my head down and out of the writing brain-space while getting ready to run a booth at ArmadilloCon in Austin, TX, and I’m happy to report it was a great success! (Someday I hope to learn to balance all my loves on a daily basis, but for now they must alternate by season…I’ll probably get back to writing obsessively around November, just in time for NaNoWriMo…xD)

The writers’ workshop went swimmingly, and although I didn’t really get to leave the dealer’s room after that point to go to any panels, I did manage to chat with lots of authors as they cruised through (some of whom I’d met at ApolloCon in Houston last month), and even sold some bits and bobs to a few.

And because I hate turning down a chance to pat myself on the back, here are a few  pictures of my booth! It didn’t have a solid theme, just a lot of jewelry and fun, whimsical stuff, with some fantasy-costume-style headwear that I’ve been working on lately, with a few supplementary sets of felted horns and ears from my friend and local artist Maya Milo.

Kickstarter Update

Well, the Kickstarter wasn’t fully funded in the end, but that’s ok! I learned a lot, got a little more (much needed) social media arm length, and have an updated game plan for the next time around. I’m taking some time to work on the story, the plan, and a pesky reboot of those previous health issues, but I’ll be bahhck with more info soon. 🙂

Thanks to everyone who shared, liked, and pledged! ❤

Kickstarter Campaign Launched! (Holy crumbs.)

Super daunting, but super exciting!

Finally launched my Kickstarter campaign to fund the Storyteller and the Silent God! Right now, I have 29 days and $2,300 to go! Check out the details on the KS page, and you can read the first two chapters here.

For the curious: funds will go toward the cost of hiring an editor for content and proofing, completing the cover art, and professionally formatting/distributing the ebook. Stretch goal specifics will be decided soon, but I’m planning to expand the release to include paperback (and possibly hardback) books if the initial funding is exceeded by a good margin. But in general I’m trying not to put the cart first on that. Fingers crossed, though!

Check out the backer rewards on the campaign page – those will also be expanded if initial funding is exceeded, possibly to include a custom plushie modeled after one of the creatures in the story. (Really hoping for that!)

As always if you can pledge, that would be wonderful, but if you want to just help out by sharing this notice or the KS page, I would be much obliged! Thanks, all! ❤